We, The Empire Sisters, aspire to inspire the people of the Capital Region and the communities of the Hudson Valley toward inclusion, appreciation and love for one another through the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt and the Perpetuation of Universal Joy. We organize events, advise the public and provide spiritual communion to all we encounter. We take vows of service and morality as 21st Century Queer Drag Nuns. 

Expiate Stigmatic Guilt

We work to deconstruct the stigmatization of Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Gay, Queer, Questioning, HIV and AIDS, Color, Culure, Sizeand many other identities-- 

Spread universal joy

At the center of our beings, we all have the capacity for Joy-- Joy is Universal-- we just need to be reminded, that in our world-- Joy is not something that we find, it is something we create and share.


We have an emphasis on what we call the "Work" This Work puts the individual Spirit at the center of community-- Each of us are whole Universes; each equal and unique.

Application for elevation of the Empire sisters to become a fully professed house

meet the Sisters---

The Empire Sisters, Convent of the Defrocked Systratapi Nuns of the New World

Sister Alphena Omega

A long time ago, a bit of slime crawled out of the primordial ooze in on the distant moon Puck orbiting Uranus. Over time, the microbes of the slime began to writhe and undulate which birthed into a being come to be known AO. AO slid back and forth across the face of Puck looking for something better to do, a meaning to its existence. Whether the stars were in alignment, or it was that time of the month… a comet streamed by Puck and sucked the primordial ooze onto its tail. AO combined itself with some of the other bits and pieces debris on the tail and was flung off when it passed by this blue green marble in the sky. Both fortunately and unfortunately, it landed in a place called Schenectady, New York. AO was fortunate because no one noticed another piece of alien ooze wandering the streets of Schenectady, but unfortunately, no one noticed another piece of ooze as well.

As AO oozed herself along the grisly streets of Schenectady, she began to glom onto new ideas and experiences she came across. AO would begin to branch out, try new things, and try to mold herself into a being of worth. AO tried new experiences as she came in contact with others, things like food (that she liked a lot), movies, music and something called camping (not a fan) but all and all, this helped her to transform. At one time, she tried on fishnets, corsets and garter belts and she liked this A LOT. She became another alien know as Dr. Frank N. Furter, she liked this new being, but alas that did not last. In the 90’s she transformed herself into a being of light and sought out music and raves in the neighboring states. This in addition, she liked, she connected with people, she provided assistance to help their journeys, and she tended to the needs of the raving lunatics of the club scene, but this to would also end.

It was only when she the saw the shiny glimmering shimmer of a human being called Sister Shelby Hellbound that she had found her true calling. She would become a sister of the cloth, and go out into the community and provide support, normalcy and an ear to that in need. She desperately searched for a place in her realm but there was none. This saddened AO, and she thought she had lost all hope, to have such a yearn to be part of something bigger when nothing bigger was available. After many years of wandering lost, and almost forgotten, she heard of a new group called The Empire Sisters. She hoped it was true, she reached out to them, and they accepted her weirdness. They were kind to her, and helped to guide her on her way to transform and become the sister she now is, Sister Alphena Omega. Sister Alphena Omega has pledged her meager existence to once again lift others up and bring them into the fold of Love, Light and Lollipops. Sister Alphena Omega vows to be the beginning of creative freedom in her domain and the end of social injustice perpetrated on the people of the world.

sister Betty Baubles, Bangles n. Beads

Sister Betty Baubles Bangles N. Beads got the call to serve while she was sifting through the jewelry at her local Good Will’s “Fill A Bag For Five Dollar Fridays”. The call was as loud as if Ethel Merman herself were delivering the message. She prayed to her Lady of Hope and to her own Mother. Their blessings were felt immediately!

Sister Betty is devoted to her house and strives to create joy, understanding, and inclusiveness. She gathers her energy from the Humming Bird. While small in stature; This tiny, tireless aviator covers much ground and upon its sight brings joy and wonder naturally.

The trinity of Her Lady of Hope, The Humming Bird, and her Mother (Betty) fill Sister Betty’s heart, mind, and spirit. It givers her strength. It is also how these gifts of inclusiveness, joy, and understanding were given respectively. The abundance of these gifts she gleefully shares with those she is around.

Sister Starina Goldman of Albany

via Southbeach

Sister Starina Goldman of Albany, via Southbeach found her calling many years ago when she first put on a habit during a production of Nunsense. Since then she has been spreading good cheer and happiness with whips, chains and harnesses. She can be found on her knees blessing any bear that needs it. She is happy to throw glitter and be gay. 

Sister Holly Heretic

De Ordo Impia Fides ex Putisco Sanctum Sanctorum

(Of the Order of the Impious Verity of the Sacred Taint)

A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence tells of her death and rebirth-

Sister Nova China from the Abbey of the Big Red Wood and her Consort traveled across mountains, deserts and forests— to find a Sacred wood whose trees were fragrant, where fire flies dance in a meadow and a creek sings to all who listen--- She found her new home after years of wandering city to city during a time when a great blight came upon the land-- and then they came to Beverwyck. The people of Beverwyck were full of welcome and cheer —Sister Nova China had found a home. But she found also that she had changed—for the times of our world had changed—A great Beast became the Emperor and quickened the minds of those with hatred in their hearts—So wicked were they and the effects of their evil machinations and conniving’s that much of the happiness of the people was tainted with sadness. Sister Nova China came to know that she also had changed. Where she had once been optimism personified, she had become harder, more bitter—So, in a moment of self-awareness and union with Divine (it was hot), she came—and her vows and her obligations to these people who were her friends became her Sisters—through that transition of Sisterhood she cease to be—a heap of ashes and glitter was left (warning—don’t fuck with the Divine). Now in the creek song filled meadow—the fireflies danced a Sacred dance—that celebrated life and Joy—and Harmony--- Slowly, the Fireflies began to converge in a great mass of radiance—and there was the Divine! Her great thighs and between them her great Taint—the last firefly landed right on it—and the image collapsed--- out of the Taint a contradictory child came forth like Athena from the Head of Zeus—She swore an oath to defend all Truth—and she standing there coated with ashes and glitter took up a fetish and began to whip and flagellate all the people she came upon, all of whom, having listened to the evil Emperor’s minions had come to feel confusion and shame— she expiated their Stigmatic Guilt until they were once again filled with Universal Joy, until they too came.

She takes her name from Holly Woodlawn. What an amazing person—one of our Ancestors

And from Heretic—simply the word—a word that obliterates all identity and truth before it --as a brand of that which is different—unacceptable –Queer in the Universe according to those who would dehumanize in order to eradicate another sacred being through violence—So in honor to those who have been cast out, excommunicated, martyred, abused, castigated and murdered…those whose identities become a Mystery through taking on the mantel of the name Heretic, we all share the identity of Heretic.

Sister Lilith la petit mort Le Tease

Once there was a small child with so much love and light in his heart. It was as if nothing could destroy its shine. His smile was a beacon of hope and joy for all who met him. Sadly the world can be a cruel and monstrous place and it came to pass that this small child...This beacon of light was struck down by an awful monster. For the world is full of monsters with angelic faces and angels with scares on their face. However this is not the end of our story because you see the light will always find away. So as this child this beautiful beacon of love and light lye dying his heart cracked open and all his love and all his light poured into the dark soft earth mixing with his tears until his last breath. Down into the soft earth the sorrow, love and light went until it found me a tiny creeping crawling creature of mother Earth and woke me from my deep sleep. I could feel all the pain, love, and sorrow, hope all at once most know to me very well but then something new something I have never seen in my beloved darkness. It was warm and glowed...it called out to me and I answered. From this my new life would begin. I would grow and transform for many years born, dying to be reborn into the being I am today. For I am a light born from the darkness and in my darkness I have, hurt, cried, screamed, crawled till I surrendered so that I may rise again into the being you see before you this night. I am a beacon of hope, I am the light that cannot be extinguished by the dark for the dark is my home and empowers me. I live my truth with love and light as I dance with my Dark Mother in the night.....I am Sum Intenebris Sanctus (I am a rainbow in the dark). So when you can no longer look to the bright side of life seek me out and I will sit with you in the dark until you can.

-Sister Lilith La Petite Mort LeTease

our Look

—We are doing Gender fuck/festive looks—we have established a Coronet, modeled after the Egg in Albany, it is an ovoid half shape with convex rise slanted with larger curve going up to one side—as seen here; we use white face. See top of page.



Policies and Procedures




Financial and Sexual Harassment Policies Specifically

Proof of 501c3, State Recognition/Incorporation and Financial Status (members only)

Monthly Manifestations

Compiled Minutes

Mission and philosphy

 We, The Empire Sisters, aspire to inspire the people of the Capital Region and the communities of the Hudson Valley toward inclusion, appreciation and love for one another through the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt and the Perpetuation of Universal Joy. We organize events, advise the public and provide spiritual communion to all we encounter. We take vows of service and morality as 21st Century Queer Drag Nuns.

 The Empire Sisters are a modern order of Nuns. We serve the Greater capital Regions residents by articulating spaces and events that serve to bring the community together in celebration and recognition of all identities by expiating Stigmatic Guilt and Perpetuating Universal Joy. Through non-sectarian humanist performative theatrical expression, storytelling, ceremonial creation and gestalt authenticity, we demonstrate ideals and morals that reflect a pluralist and inclusive vision we may live into. We further our own mission by supporting other not-for-profit endeavors through fund raising and elevating their purpose. We do this through cooperative fund raising and granting to recognized not-for-profit organizations in our community—we believe that their missions are too important to be undermined with a secondary purpose of fund raising and grant writing which wastes energy and time. We educate the public about Issues surrounding HIV, STIs and other diseases. We also provide peer support in the community for those who wish to seek our views and give referrals to resources available in our community. We advocate for the community to embrace and accept communities and identities that are discriminated against.

You have questions

  1. Why do you want to be a fully professed house of the SPI? We would like to become SPI in order to bring name recognition to the work we do; We share the mission of the Sisters, to find a larger community in which to develop our understanding of our own work as Drag Nuns, and to learn from and incorporate new perspectives from our larger community so that we can share them in the Capital region and Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.
  2. What is your philosophy? We, The Empire Sisters, aspire to inspire the people of the Capital Region and the communities of the Hudson Valley toward inclusion, appreciation and love for one another through the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt and the Perpetuation of Universal Joy. We organize events, advise the public and provide spiritual communion to all we encounter. We take vows of service and morality as 21st Century Queer Drag Nuns.
  3. What kind of sisters are you? We are Nuns who take inspiration from the Defrocked Systratapi Sisters of the New World and call our Order such. Every person we meet we offer service and recognition of their dignity. We entice others to express their full spiritual potential, embrace their human rights and to enrich us all with their own unique Joy that shared multiplies.
  4. What makes you unique? We, the Defrocked Systratapi support pathways in each member to have access to their own identities as Nuns—as this is so, they in turn provide service and entice Universal Joy to the public and to each other in new and engaging ways—unique to each Sister. Which modeling is encouraged, so is deviation.


officers and mistresses

President/Abbess-- Sister Betty Baubles, Bangles, N. Beads

Vice President/Mistress of Novices-- Sister Holly Heretic

Treasurer/ mistress of the Purse-- Sister Lilith Le Tease

Secretary/ Mistress of Crayons and Mistress of the Webs-- Sister Alphena Omega

allied Organizations

Damien Center





Trojan Womyn Productions

Local Actors Guild of Saratoga

Syzygy Celestial, LLC

DJ Underdog

House of Precise

Novice Projects

  1. Sister Holly: the design and construction of the Coronets
  2. Sister Alphena Omega Arrange Retreats and logistics
  3. Sister Starina: Oral Reading of play for Damien Center
  4. Sister Betty 24 hour telethon via FB and Zoom – fundraiser for IOOV and Sisters
  5. Sister Lilith: House coat of arms: create a coat of arms for symbolic use of the house separate from logo…strengthen identity as a Sister
  6. HOUSE PROJECT: Initiate cocktail hours to introduce and become aware of other Sisters as they do their work and manifest in their communities—Nationwide pick a number of houses from different places. As the pandemic stops us from having a true Exequatur, we wanted to get the main purposes of them for our house. network

All Projects have been accepted as complete as of 9/27/2020.


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